mean people at restaurants

Here’s a tip for you if you go to a restaurant: don’t be an asshole. Not only is this good advice in general, but especially for getting good service in restaurants.

See, the average server has got many tables going, and so he’s balancing his time between them. Most poeple start out with the intention of leaving a good tip and reduce the tip as mistakes are made by the waiter. So, waiters want to spend time at tables that are still going to tip high. They want to keep tables that are going well, going well. But, once a waiter thinks that a table is dissatisfied, it’s not really worth spending a lot of time there. After all, its hard to get people to increase the tip after they have reduced it for bad service previously in the meal.

So, if the waiter screws up, don’t harumph and make dissatisfied faces. Rather, just keep a polite tone to keep the waiter thinking that his tip is alive and well. That way, he’ll keep focusing on your table.


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