alarm over Russian submarines?


So apparently two Russian submarines have been patrolling around in international waters close to the United States. Military spokespeople have been saying that there is nothing unusual about another naval power operating in international waters since that’s what international waters are for.

They have also been emphasizing that the submarines that have been spotted are not ICBM subs. Rather, they are attack subs designed to go after other ships or subs. However, this piece of information isn’t really that comforting since attack subs would be effective at destroying aircraft carriers, which are the heart of our power projection strategy (despite the fact that many military strategists consider them vulnerable and obsolete).

Also, is it really that alarming that we know that there are Russian submarines near the United States? I would think this would be comforting news more than anything since submarines without stealth are considerably less dangerous. I guess the idea is that maybe there are other patrols out there that we don’t know about…

Some compare this patrol to the recent flights of Russian bombers near the airspace of the U.S. and other countries.


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