F-22s, how many do we need?

So, recently I’ve been trying to learn about the f-22 debate, namely, do we need any more of them. Current procurement dictates an end to f-22 purchases after 183 aircraft, and Obama has promised to veto any bill that adds more f-22 purchases. Others in the military have called for more than 200 f-22’s and some have called for purchasing a total of 381 of the fighters.

There seems like a lot of hyperbole on both sides, so I’m not really sure what I think yet. I will say this, the air force is getting really old, and we’re building a lot less planes. This isn’t so bad because the type of conflicts we are facing don’t really involve an all out air war with two peer competitors (which is what the last generation of aircraft were bought for). However, as many aircraft start to get so old that they can no longer be safely flown, its apparent that we need replacement aircraft as this chart indicates. So, at this point in my research into this issue, I’m tentatively in favor of more F-22’s being built.

Our air force is getting really old...

Our air force is getting really old...


2 Responses to “F-22s, how many do we need?”

  1. 1 mengster
    July 13, 2009 at 8:40 pm

    any discussion about F22s should include information about unmanned craft, imho

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